BA: unwieldy SUBE & amazing animal art

This city is made for awesome PT, which it delivers handsomely thru buses, subway and trains.

Getting a smart ticket - no paper ones so no choice - is an expedition in itself, which you have to do on foot!

my tips: 

  •  take your passport, you need it to register for your card which costs 25 pesos without travel credit
  • can be bought only at select locations this map shows you all the spots:
  • recharging is easy either in machines but know they don't give change or at kiosks

The bus stops are also a little tricky, look up high for your number on the correct road and get in the single file queue and flag that thing down.  You also need to tell the driver the stop you want to exit at so they can load the reader for the SUBE to the correct fare.  Have fun.

A selection of my favourite animal street art, mostly from the middle class barrios.  The city council actively supports creation of murals on the side of their buildings and individual property owners do too.   

Makes for a gorgeous street scape.